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Welcome, I'm Denice Bracken

My background is quite eclectic, but that only lends to who I am naturally and my skills as a service provider to look at a person from a multi-dimensional perspective. 

I have worked in several medical and community settings as a nursing assistant, hospice aide, social worker, and yoga asana instructor. Additionally, I’ve explored individual work in silver smithing and other forms of art creation. With my diverse background, I believe it affords me flexibility in problem solving and seeing things through a multifaceted creative lens.  


In 2017, I completed my undergraduate degree in social work with an emphasis in mental health. After seeing the disparities in community healthcare for mental health services and experiencing my own journey with chronic disease, I shifted my focus into medicine, research, and nutrition. After a few years of returning to school for higher education, I landed firmly in obtaining my master’s degree in nutrition from National University of Natural Medicine.  

My hope

As a nutritionist and wellness coach, I am committed to helping people reach their desired potential through food, mindfulness, and other wellness practices.

My passion is rooted in the fertile soil of nature and the resiliency of our bodies to heal. I understand that healing and health look and feel different for everyone, which is why I work with each individual to create an approach that is tailored to their unique needs. 

Image by Nagara Oyodo


To rekindle the sacred and honor the journey without judgement or oppression, to spark hope, and to serve individuals and communities on their path towards sustainable vitality in nutrition and wellness. 

Philosophy & Approach

  • Above all else- I strive to do no harm. 

  • Nutrition and health is different for everyone. I work with you based off your personal needs and desires. 

  • Nutrition is more than just the food we consume. Nutrition is thought, belief, environment, intention, and connection.

  • Food is neutral. Different foods nourish us in different ways. 

  • Food carries meaning, memory, culture. Together we can honor your roots, while still working towards your nutritional and wellness needs.

  • There is health at every size. I do not use BMI as a determinant of health. 

  • Natural body size is a diverse range- it is not a moral choice or failure. 

  • Together we work with your body-not against it. 

  • You don't have to eat any foods you don't want to or dislike. 

  • You do not have to be an expert in the kitchen or spend hours cooking. Beneficial nutrition can be convenient. 

Image by Daniel Burka

 The Roots of Womb to Wild

Womb to Wild was born from the lessons and archetypes of the womb and the wild hollows of nature. This woman owned business seeks to provide holistic, evidence-based nutrition and wellness services to all. We all came from a womb and carry with us the lessons and cycles of life, death, and life again. Whether you have a physical womb or not, all are welcome.


My approach is rooted in the wisdom of the wild spaces as a place of rich nourishment and introspection, coupled with the healing power of nature and food. I strive to offer integrative, safe, and inclusive spaces for all who seek my services.  May my impacts align with my intentions. May my own journey and learning afford me empathy towards others. 

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